IN-CJ Webinar: Serious Mental Health – International Challenges for Criminal Justice

IN-CJ Webinar: Serious Mental Health – International Challenges for Criminal Justice

The International Network for Criminal Justice (IN-CJ) is hosting an online webinar to examine the role and impact of mental health issues within the criminal justice system from an international viewpoint. This session aims to provide insights into how different countries approach the intersection of mental health and criminal justice.

Facilitator: Dr Coral Sirdifield, University of Lincoln School of Health and Social Care, UK.

Keynote Speaker: Dr Tonya Van Deinse, University of North Carolina School of Social Work, USA.

Date:   Tuesday 7th May 2024

Time:  16.00 – 17.30 UK time (17.00 to 18.30 CET)

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Panel Contributors:

  • Professor Charlie Brooker, Royal Holloway University, London, UK.
  • Aljoscha Schwartz, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Shelley Turner, Forensic Mental Health Service, Victoria, Australia.

Session Overview:

Professor van Deinse will cover three key areas: first she will examine the nature of serious mental illness, then she will look at the needs of people with a serious mental illness and the challenges that criminal justice systems face in meeting these needs; finally, she will address the interventions that might be used to support people with a serious mental illness. Questions to be covered include:

  • How is SMI best detected in the criminal justice system?
  • What are the best organisational models for delivering interventions in prison or probation?
  • What evidence is there for effective interventions?

With a round table panel of experts and a live audience, we will be discussing the impact of serious mental health on criminal justice from different countries’ perspectives. The event will be chaired by Coral Sirdifield, Senior Research Associate, University of Lincoln, School of Health and Social Care, UK.

Dr Tonya Van Deinse is a research associate professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the School of Social Work. She is an implementation science researcher and focuses on interventions at the interface of the behavioural health and criminal legal systems.

Dr Coral Sirdifield, a Senior Research Associate at the University of Lincoln, is deeply committed to reducing health inequalities. Her research primarily focuses on understanding and enhancing the health of individuals within the criminal justice system. She has extensive experience in conducting mixed-methods research to address the health needs of this population.

Dr Shelley Turner is interim Executive Director, Inpatient Services for Thomas Embling Hospital at Forensicare, the statewide service provider for forensic mental health in Victoria, Australia. Shelley holds honorary academic appointments as Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Monash University and Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Forensic Behavioural Sciences at Swinburne University. Shelley has a particular interest in youth justice, lived experience and models for ethical and effective forensic practice. She recently published a co-authored book on Co-production and Criminal Justice through Routledge.

Intended Audience: This webinar is suited for criminal justice professionals, mental health experts, policymakers, academics, and those with an interest in the nexus of mental health and criminal justice.

Further Information: The session will be recorded and made available later as a podcast and on YouTube for wider access. Participants will also have the chance to provide feedback and suggest topics for future discussions through a post-webinar survey.

Join us for an informative session that aims to foster understanding and promote dialogue on enhancing mental health support within the criminal justice system globally. Registration is open, secure your place today.

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