Our Values and Aims

Overall Purpose for IN-CJ

Over the coming three years, we want the IN-CJ to provide an international development resource network for academics, researchers, professionals and policymakers that enables:

  • the exchange of new ideas and initiatives through social media
  • virtual and in-the-room seminars
  • the development of projects and partnerships in the field of criminal justice.

We believe it is of prime importance to share our values as we start out on the Network’s journey. We think creating a space for reflective conversation in this field is important.  People will need to feel safe to share ideas and that they will meet interesting people from organisations they might not otherwise meet.   We want to enable ‘next generation’ thinking and to encourage people to consider how their work could benefit from and contribute to an international development perspective early in their careers, not as an afterthought.  The Network’s values are:

  • A commitment to equality of opportunity
  • A commitment to respecting human rights and the views and values of different races, religions, creeds and attitudes
  • A commitment to facilitation and enabling the next generation to learn new skills and take their work and passions in new directions or into new jurisdictions
  • An ethical regard to editing and placing material on the website with a strong commitment to meeting data protection and safeguarding obligations
  • An open source approach where the original source is made freely available
  • Clarity about governance and use of financial support.

Aims of the Network

  1. To provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, research and knowledge about international development and criminal justice.
  2. To build a network for a wide range of people across international boundaries so that connections can be made – initially the language will be English, but the network will strive to be open to using technology to be open and accessible to as many cultures and languages as possible.
  3. To provide a Knowledge Exchange
  4. To host topical events that act as ‘discussion starters’ across the international Criminal Justice community.
  5. To contribute to the international dialogue via social media items such as podcast and YouTube postings.
  6. To bring together partners who can work together in new ways to deliver projects and programmes of international development work across the full spectrum of criminal justice needs.