Call for Criminal Justice Content – Blogs, Podcasts & Webinars

Call for Criminal Justice Content – Blogs, Podcasts & Webinars

As we enter 2024, the International Network for Criminal Justice (IN-CJ) is looking to enhance our dialogue and understanding of international criminal justice practice, by sharing content produced by our network supporters and contributors.

IN-CJ aims to provide a platform for thoughtful discussion and the sharing of ideas in the field of international criminal justice. There is great value in discovering how criminal justice matters are understood and practised in different places around the world.

Suggested Hot Topics for 2024 include: Criminal Justice and Migration; Transnational Experiences; Criminal Justice and Conflict.

We are inviting you to contribute to our upcoming podcasts and webinars, and to write guest blogs, articles and reports. Your expertise and insights are valuable to our network, and we encourage you to share your knowledge and perspectives.

  • Podcasts: We are seeking individuals interested in taking part and speaking on topics related to international criminal justice. Your role would involve sharing your experience in a clear and engaging manner, suitable for a diverse international audience.
  • Guest Blogs: If you have an interest in writing, our blog is an excellent avenue to express your thoughts and research. We welcome articles that offer new viewpoints or shed light on various aspects of international criminal justice.
  • Webinars: We are looking to bring together people who have something to share and discuss. Our webinars serve as a virtual venue for sharing knowledge, discussing emerging trends, and exploring innovative practices within international criminal justice. They aim to bridge geographical gaps, allowing experts and practitioners from around the world to connect, collaborate, and engage in meaningful dialogue.

Please Let Us Know What Content You Want to Share

Themes for 2024

We recognise the importance of exploring topics and themes that resonate deeply with our network. By focusing on suggested themes that are central to the interests and needs of our network, we will ensure that the content that we share remains relevant, impactful, and beneficial to those engaged in the field of criminal justice.

These themes, derived from the collective insights and priorities of our network, guide our webinars, discussions, and research, fostering a collaborative environment that addresses the most pressing and current issues in criminal justice. This not only enriches our network’s professional experiences, but contributes to the advancement and efficacy of criminal justice practices globally.

  • Current Trends in International Criminal Justice Practice
  • Accountability in Global Justice Systems
  • The Relationship Between Criminal Justice Research and Policy
  • Developments in International Law Enforcement

You can contribute to a well-rounded understanding of these themes.

We value a range of opinions and encourage respectful and constructive discourse. We value contributions from experienced professionals and recent starters within the field alike. Those who are studying criminal justice for the first time, and those who are established in the field.

By helping us to create thought-provoking content, and by taking part in our podcasts and webinars, you will be contributing to the continuous learning and knowledge exchange, supporting the development of colleagues involved in criminal justice around the world, and supporting the overall advancement and understanding of the field.

If you wish to contribute or need additional information, please complete our online proposal form, or contact us at

We look forward to collaborating with you and anticipate a year of meaningful dialogue in our field.

Best regards,

Prof Dave Ward, John Scott

International Criminal Justice Network

Rob Watson

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