IN-CJ Podcast 046 – Perspectives on Punishment Forum Discussion

IN-CJ Podcast 046 – Perspectives on Punishment Forum Discussion

Following our recent discussion on the purpose of punishment in criminal justice, we held an open discussion forum to enable IN-CJ members and subscribers to take part in this important conversation. The discussion considered how and to what extent it is possible to achieve an effective balance between the needs of institutions and practices of punishment, and whether other countries have different expectations about the role and purpose of punishment?

Our discussions in breakout groups were focused on four themes: the role of emotion, the political situation, the media context and the evidence that shows what works.

This podcast is an edited version of our live session, with contributions from people who are concerned to better understand how we can be more effective and responsive when dealing with crime and its causes. While public policy in relation to crime is often presented as being principled and rational, perhaps there are other influences at work which need to be considered if we are to improve our international penal systems?

Rob Watson

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