IN-CJ Podcast Recording – Just Psychology with Prof Jo Clarke

IN-CJ Podcast Recording – Just Psychology with Prof Jo Clarke

Join us for a series of live podcast recordings exploring the challenges and resilience within prison systems globally. Featuring renowned psychologists and experts, this series delves into the intricacies of prison-based psychology from Europe to America.

These conversations are being led by Professor Jo Clarke, Expert in Protecting Staff in Critical Occupations. Jo is a distinguished psychologist and academic recognised for her expertise in protecting staff in critical occupations, particularly within the criminal justice sector. With a wealth of experience in organisational resilience and staff well-being, Jo has dedicated her career to understanding and mitigating the psychological impacts faced by individuals working in high-stress environments. Her research and practical interventions focus on enhancing the mental health and professional sustainability of staff, making her a leading voice in the field. Jo’s insightful perspectives and evidence-based approaches are integral to promoting resilience and support within critical occupations.

Date and Time: Join us for the “Just Psychology” podcast series with live recording sessions on 28th and 29th May 2024, at 4:00 PM BST.

How to Join: Register online to receive the link for the live recording sessions. Participants can ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Professor Jo Clarke, a key advocate for mental health and resilience in high-stakes professions, as she discusses the state-of-play with other leading advocates of an informed approach to criminal justice practice.

Podcast Recording with Pia Puolakka 4pm BST 28th May 2024

Pia Puolakka is a leading expert in prison-based psychology, currently serving as the Project Manager of the Smart Prison Project at the Criminal Sanctions Agency in Finland. With a robust background in forensic psychology, Pia has been instrumental in developing innovative digital rehabilitation strategies within the prison system. Her work focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence to enhance inmate education, healthcare access, and social integration, aiming to improve rehabilitation outcomes and reduce recidivism rates. Pia’s extensive experience and insightful perspectives on digital tools in correctional settings promise to offer valuable insights into the future of prison rehabilitation.

Podcast Recording with Gustav Tallving and Iva Prskalo 4pm BST 29th May 2024

Gustav Tallving is the Executive Director of EuroPris, where he leads long-term planning, management, and reporting to the Board of Directors. With extensive experience in the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, Gustav has served in various roles, including prison officer, probation officer, and DG advisor. He is renowned for his expertise in organisational development and international cooperation in the correctional sector. Gustav’s commitment to improving prison practices, offender management, and staff well-being through knowledge and innovative ideas makes him a key voice in the discussion on prison-based psychology and organisational resilience.

Iva Prskalo is a senior advisor in the Psychological Support Department for Prison and Probation Staff, part of the Croatian Prison System and Probation Directorate. With a strong background in psychology, Iva specialises in developing and delivering innovative training programs for prison and probation staff. Iva’s experience includes working with juveniles and addicts in prison, conducting psychological crisis interventions, and facilitating supervision groups for psychosocial work. Iva’s research on motivation, well-being, and staff growth highlights her commitment to enhancing the professional development and resilience of prison staff. Her insights into training and support mechanisms are invaluable for improving prison systems globally.

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