Workshop Reflection – Engaging with Motivations in Criminal Justice Leadership

Workshop Reflection – Engaging with Motivations in Criminal Justice Leadership

On the 1st of March, 2024, the Department of Criminology at De Montfort University hosted a workshop at Heritage House, Leicester, for MA students in Criminal Justice Leadership, led by Roz Morrison. The session, facilitated by Sara Ciucci, John Scott, and Rob Watson, from the International Network for Criminal Justice (IN-CJ), aimed to explore the motivations behind pursuing leadership roles in the criminal justice system. Our objective was to understand these motivations and to share them through a podcast, hoping to inspire future participants and provide insights into the field.

Starting Conversations: The Ice-Breaker

The workshop began with an ice-breaker activity, designed to encourage participants to share their personal motivations for their interest in criminal justice. By asking questions such as “What motivated you to pursue a career in criminal justice?” and “What is one challenge you believe the criminal justice system faces?”, we aimed to initiate discussions that would continue throughout the day, cantered around the themes of leadership, engagement, and the impact individuals hope to have in the field.

Collaborative Thinking: The Brainstorming Session

Following the icebreaker, we moved into a brainstorming session where participants worked in groups to generate questions for the podcast. This session allowed for the pooling of diverse perspectives and encouraged participants to think about the broader implications of their work and aspirations in criminal justice.

Understanding Motivations: The Six Category Interventions

A key part of the workshop was the discussion facilitated by the Six Category Intervention Analysis. This part of the session was structured to help participants reflect on their motivations and aspirations within criminal justice. The discussion alternated between different modes of engagement, ranging from sharing personal experiences to proposing changes in the field based on those motivations.

Recording Insights: The Podcast Session

The workshop culminated in an audio recording session, where participants recorded discussions based on insights gathered throughout the day. The podcast aimed to capture the essence of the workshop’s discussions, providing a resource for both current and prospective students interested in the field of criminal justice.

Reflecting on the Day: Final Thoughts

The workshop concluded with a reflection and sharing session. Participants revisited the motivations shared by their peers, providing an opportunity to reflect on their own motivations in light of the day’s discussions. This session served not just as a close to the workshop but as a starting point for continued dialogue about motivations in pursuing careers in criminal justice.


The workshop at DMU aimed to explore and understand the diverse motivations behind pursuing leadership roles in criminal justice, culminating in the creation of a podcast. Through a series of discussions and activities, participants were encouraged to share and reflect on their personal motivations and aspirations. The podcast, to be shared on the DMU and IN-CJ websites, stands as a record of these discussions, offering insights into the motivations driving individuals towards the criminal justice field.

The day was an opportunity for participants to engage deeply with their motivations and to consider the broader implications of their aspirations in the field of criminal justice. It highlighted the importance of dialogue, reflection, and the sharing of diverse perspectives in understanding and advancing in the field.

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