IN-CJ Podcast 048 – Bill Mather Methods for Leading from the Outside

IN-CJ Podcast 048 – Bill Mather Methods for Leading from the Outside

In this second podcast, Bill Mather shares his insight from working in the international field of criminal justice with John Scott. Bill is a renowned leader in the field of international criminal justice, and his work with Social Pioneers and Apex Trust has been instrumental in supporting leadership development and systems change. His approach is characterized by a deep commitment to social justice and a belief in the power of collaboration and innovation to effect positive change.

Bill talks about is work, his values and his belief in social transformation through individual empowerment. For example, one of Bill’s key achievements has been the creation of the International Leadership and Development Programme (ILDP), which is designed to build the capacity of leaders in the criminal justice sector across the globe. Through the ILDP, Bill has helped to develop a network of practitioners and experts who are working together to address the complex challenges facing the criminal justice system.

Bill’s work has also focused on developing innovative approaches to systems change. For example, he has pioneered the use of restorative justice in prisons, which involves bringing together victims, offenders, and other stakeholders to repair harm and restore relationships. This approach has been shown to reduce reoffending rates and promote healing for all involved.

Overall, Bill Mather’s approach to leadership development and systems change in international criminal justice is marked by a deep commitment to social justice, collaboration, and innovation. Through his work with Social Pioneers and Apex Trust, he has made a significant impact in the field and inspired countless others to join him in the pursuit of a more just and equitable world.

Rob Watson

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