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Fleming, J. and Ward, D. (2020 forthcoming) ‘Populism: a challenge for groupwork’ in Proceedings of 40th Annual Symposium of the international Association for Social Work with Groups held at Skukusa, South Africa, June 7th – 10th 2018.

Fleming, J. and Ward, D. (eds.) (2019) Social Action and Self-Directed Groupwork, London: Whiting and Birch.

Fleming, J. and Ward, D. (2019) Practicing Group Work Strategies: Facilitating for Empowerment in Group Work, New York: International Association for Social Work with Groups Inc. (
Fleming, J. and Ward, D. (2017) Self-directed Groupwork – social justice through social action and empowerment. Critical and Radical Social Work 5(1) pp75-91

Pullen Sansfaçon, A. et Ward, D. (2017) ‘L’intervention en groupe autogéré’ in Lindsay, J. et Roy, V. Theoriés et Modeles dIntervention en Service Social des Groupes, Quebec: Presses de l’ Université de Laval (pp 117-140).

Pullen Sansfaçon, A. and Ward, D. (2017) ‘Working with a diversity of languages: francophone and anglophone co-participants in groups of parents of transgender children’ Social Work with Groups (USA). 40(1-2) pp101-106.

Senior, P. and Ward, D. (2016) ‘The Essence of Probation’ British Journal of Community Justice, 14(1) pp9-27

Burke, L., Teague, M. Ward, D. and Worrall, A. (2016). ‘Probation Occupational Cultures for the Future: a focus group discussion’ British Journal of Community Justice, 14(1) pp29-43

Fleming, J., Taylor, A. and Ward, D. (eds.) (2016) Groupwork and Education, Special edition of the journal Groupwork (Vol 25, No 2) London: Whiting and Birch.

Mullender, A., Ward, D., Fleming, J. (2013) Empowerment in Action: Self-directed Groupwork London: Palgrave.

Pullen Sansfacon, A., Ward, D., Dumais-Michaud, A-A., Robichaud, M-J. and Clegg, A. (2014) ‘Working with Parents of Gender Independent Children: using social action as an emancipatory research framework’, Journal of Progressive Human Services (USA) 25(3) pp214-219.

Pullen Sansfacon, A., Roy, V. and Ward, D (2014) ‘One method, two worlds: An Exploration of Group Work across Two Jurisdictions in North America’, Groupwork 24(2) pp6-25.

Pullen Sansfacon, A. and Ward, D. (2014) ‘Making Inter-professional Working Work: Introducing a Groupwork Perspective’ British Journal of Social Work 44(5) pp1284 -1300.

Ward, D. (2013) ‘The Changing Face of Groupwork with Offenders 1991-2013’ Groupwork 23(3) pp3-14.

Ward, D. (ed) (2013) Groupwork and Offenders. Special edition of the journal Groupwork (Vol 23, No.3) London: Whiting and Birch.

Knight, C. and Ward, D. (2012) ‘Probation Education and Training: An overview of the research’ in Lishman, J. (ed) Research Highlights: Social Work Education and Training, London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers (pp154-183).

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